I'm off across the water
Really thort I orter
Let ye know
I'm on mi way
See ye soon
Sum luvly day

Know others ... be clever...
yourself and be wise
Never say never
And as you arise
To being and seeing
All that you are
Doing and freeing
Going afar

I am
I am

Whom ever you see
Lovingly longing for you and for me
Joining in love
We shall be free

Will luv ye forever
Wise and clever
Eternally ever
Never to sever

Yours truly, sincerely and dearly
Apparently living everything really
Loving it all in time and space
Just running this wonderful crazy race

Now spending some cash
I'm off on mi journey
Need no attorney
Or even a judge
Just ready to budge
Bye for now, Ash


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Monday, June 24, 2019